Local action

We have been blown away by the enthusiasm of BHA affiliated humanist groups, who have been busy running local campaigns in their area.


Kent and Medway Humanists receive 20,000 leaflets

Central London Humanist Group in Westminster

Over 65,000 leaflets were ordered, and local groups have hit the streets spreading the word about the campaign.  You can keep up to date with many more leafleting photos on our Facebook page.

Local press coverage

Groups have been busy writing letters to their local press, expressing their reasons for ticking ‘No Religion’ in this year’s census.  For example David Flint, Chairman of North London Humanist Group, has written to sixteen local papers in North London and South Hertfordshire urging those who do not follow any religion to tick the ‘No Religion’ box on the census.

You can read some of the letters from various individuals to local press on this blog post.

There has also been a good amount of local television and radio coverage featuring groups. Julian Bennett of Cardiff Humanists appeared on the ITV Wales News to discuss the Census question on religion.  In the 15 seconds he was allowed he managed to explain what the difference was between a leading and a non-leading question.  Lancashire Secular Humanists took part in a telephone interview about the Census Campaign on BBC Radio Lancashire’s Sunday Morning programme and have been invited in by Preston.fm (Community Radio) for an hour-long discussion on Humanism and LSH in general and the Census Campaign in particular.

Local advertising

Some groups opted to fundraise for their own advertising in their local area, with great success.

One of Stockport Humanist's bins

A Leicester Secular Society b

The Stockport Humanists had the highly innovative idea of putting our adverts in bins (you know what we mean! – see the picture).

The Leicester Secular Society ran adverts on the back of buses, and managed to sneak the original ‘for God’s sake’ slogan under the radar of their media agency!

Both ads look absolutely fantastic.

Finally, Farnham Humanists are financing a “Not religious? Tick No religion” banner across the road in the centre of Farnham, which also advertises the BHA census campaign website (as well as their own).  Keep an eye out for that if you live in the area.

If there are any other local actions that you would like us to include in this page, please email us.


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