Campaign tools

If you are interested in spreading the word in your local area then we have a series of fact sheets and a flier that can help you. There are also a press pack and a guide to organising a public meeting specifically tailored for local Humanist groups.

Resources for individuals and Humanist groups

Talking to the local media? Going to a Census meeting? Or just want to be more informed down the pub? Download our handy Census campaign factsheets!

Want to spread the word to people in your local area? Download and print our A5 flier encouraging people to tick No Religion!

Want to write to your local paper but not sure what to say? See our draft letter for some ideas.

Resources specifically for Humanist groups

All you need to know when working with your local press or holding a special meeting on the Census campaign.

More about the BHA

Want to know what other people are doing in your area? Try contacting your local humanist group to see what they are doing for the campaign.
You can also take action on other issues relevant to non-religious people.


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