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In the 2011 Census just tick No ReligionIf you’re non-religious, the most obvious way you can support the Census Campaign is to tick ‘No religion’ on the 2011 Census!

The inflated picture of religiosity in the UK has real consequences for policy, public services and resource allocation. So if you can do more than tick the right box, here are some ways you can help.

Sign the pledge

Let us know that you plan to tick ‘No religion’ in March 2011. Sign the pledge.

Give today

We need to get the message out there that the question on religion is flawed, that the uses it is put to are serious and that non-religious people should tick “No religion” in March 2011. You can donate at to fund our Census Campaign advertising and public affairs campaigns team.

Spread the word

You can share any content on this site using the share options at the bottom of every page. Email to your friends, social network, or post to content sharing sites.

You can “like” the  official Census Campaign Facebook Page.

You can  follow us on Twitter and tweet #CensusCampaign to appear on our Twitter Wall. And you can get a Census Campaign Twibbon for your  profile.

Or you can open a window and shout our URL into the street.

Get campaigning in your area

If you are interested in spreading the word in your local area then we have a series of fact sheets and a flier that can help you. There are also a press pack and a guide to organising a public meeting specifically tailored for local Humanist groups. These can be found on the Campaigns tools page.

Join the BHA

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The British Humanist Association (BHA) depends on members’ subscriptions and supporter donations to carry out its crucial work.

The British Humanist Association is the national charity supporting and representing people who seek to live good lives without religious or superstitious beliefs. Our vision is of a world without religious privilege or discrimination. We promote Humanism, campaign for an open society and a secular state, and work with others of different beliefs for the common good.

You can join at or donate or register for the email newsletter.


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