The Twittersphere has spoken: Cory Doctorow recants Jediism

Cory Doctorow

Cory Doctorow portrait by Jonathan Worth

Cory Doctorow, creative freedoms campaigner, Little Brother author and co-editor of the massive Boing Boing blog, tweeted earlier today that he was:

Looking through the #census form, decided that we’re all going to put our #religion down as “#Jedi

The interwebs was quick to respond in the negative with a flurry of counter-tweets. “NO! It screws up the demographics and makes it look like there are fewer “Non-religious” than there are!” said Andrew Carter. And “please don’t!” said Terence Eden, offering a link to the BHA’s Census page via and his own thoughts on the matter.

It didn’t take long for the wisdom to settle. “OK, outraged #humanists/#atheists,” tweeted Cory, “you can stop telling me I’m not a #jedi already”, offering a link to a fresh Boing Boing blog post on the Census and asking “is that penance enough?”.

“Just about”, replied the BHA. Looks like Cory is absolved of his sins.

Twitter: home of celebrities, cat videos, and recantations of fictional religions by high profile science-fiction writers set upon by virtual angry mobs.

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3 Responses to The Twittersphere has spoken: Cory Doctorow recants Jediism

  1. Andy Brooks says:

    I think the fact that an arms manufacturer is dealing with public information is more critical than what people put down as their religion.

  2. robertchewter says:

    why is this census run by lockheed martin ? also if you click on download PDF it goes to an uncertified site with WARNING !!!!!! UNCERTIFIED SITE ..
    anyone know wtf is going on???

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