Over 200 Census Campaign bus adverts hit the streets

Finally, and despite setbacks, posters in support of the Census Campaign will be displayed on over 200 buses around the UK from today.

We originally designed the posters to carry our slogan ‘If you’re not religious, for God’s sake say so’: however, we had to amend this after the Committee of Advertising Practice advised that it had the potential to cause ‘widespread’ and ‘serious’ offence and advertisers were unwilling to display it.

The amended slogan reads ‘Not religious? In this year’s census say so!’.  Unlike our rail posters, the amended slogan was deemed acceptable by our media agency’s franchise partners (the buses), meaning that we were able to launch a massive advertising campaign across the UK.  The prohibited rail posters are now being circulated online.

The Census Campaign bus posters will be highly visible on single deck buses in major cities all over the UK.  The posters also link to the campaign website, directing members of the public to the many reasons why the non-religious should tick ‘No Religion’ in the forthcoming census.

Keep your eyes peeled for buses in your area!

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One Response to Over 200 Census Campaign bus adverts hit the streets

  1. clarissa dennison says:

    I’m wondering if the Northern Ireland buses have agreed to carry these adverts – I can’t imagine they have, but it would be wonderful if they did. I shall keep my eyes peeled anyway