The leafleting begins…


When we first made public the offer of sending leaflets to our local groups, we had no idea that we would get such a fantastic response.  Over 65,000 leaflets have been ordered: that is a commitment of about 1,500 working hours from dedicated humanists around the UK. 

Inspired by your enthusiasm we decided to make a start, and took a train yesterday from our London office down to sunny (or rather somewhat overcast!) Brighton.  The ONS have started their promotional push for the census, and this took the form of a big purple bus appearing in Brighton yesterday.  We went and said hello, made sure they were aware of the very important issues at stake, and then wandered the streets of Brighton giving out leaflets and talking to anyone who would listen to us.  And to a widely positive response!

If you are interested in doing some leafleting in your area, contact, and we will try to sort you out with a local group to hit the streets with.  Otherwise, you can download leaflets on our Campaign Tools page; although do be sure to check with your local authority first as to whether you will require permission. 

Keep us updated on your exploits: post photos and updates on our Facebook site and show the world how hard you are all working to spread the word!

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